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Drivers of Wealth

Discover Cymbria’s key drivers of long-term wealth creation.

Security Selection

Cymbria’s go-anywhere portfolio is managed by EdgePoint Investment Group – a team recognized for delivering superior investment results.

Stake In Edgepoint

Cymbria gives you the opportunity to participate in the growth of EdgePoint Wealth.


Cymbria receives its proportionate share of dividends distributed by EdgePoint Wealth. These dividends may be reinvested into Cymbria’s portfolio or used to buy back Cymbria shares.

Potential for share buybacks

As a corporation, Cymbria has the ability to engage in share buybacks and may do so if management and the Board feel that buying back shares is accretive for shareholders.

More reasons to believe

  1. 01

    Attractively priced

    Cymbria has a low management fee structure relative to other actively managed global portfolios.
  2. 02

    Liquidity and flexibility

    As liquidity needs and investment horizons vary from investor to investor, Cymbria's Liquidity Realization Opportunity offers the ongoing potential for shareholders to take advantage of the option to sell their shares to the company at a price close to net asset value.

  3. 03

    Stable pool of capital

    Cymbria isn’t subject to the investment ebbs and flows typically associated with open-ended mutual funds.
  4. 04

    Alignment with shareholder interests

    EdgePoint Investment Group's founders each have a significant personal investment in Cymbria.