What is Cymbria?

What is Cymbria?

Cymbria’s investment objective is to provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation primarily through a concentrated portfolio of global equities and an investment in EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc., which offers mutual funds, institutional and other investments through financial advisors.

Some of the best ideas start with a scrap of newspaper

Simple sketch scrawled in the corner of a newspaperCymbria started as a simple sketch scrawled in the corner of a newspaper. We knew we loved investing. In fact, we were passionate about it. And we hated that our industry had devolved into an asset-gathering, sales- and marketing-driven machine at the expense of investors’ best interests. True investment-led companies were hard to find so we decided to create one ourselves.

Fall 2008 was a bleak time for global equity markets as investors struggled with the impact of the credit crisis, numerous bank failures and one of the worst recessions in recent memory.

Armed with a proven investment approach and the belief that one of the best times to invest is when failure is taken for granted, four founding partners, Tye Bousada, Patrick Farmer, Robert Krembil and Geoff MacDonald, created Cymbria. They committed their savings to the company and asked others to do the same. By the time Cymbria launched on November 4, 2008, many more partners had joined the company and Cymbria had raised $234 million in assets under management.

From a single small desk in the corner of someone else’s office, we built the foundations of what we are today. We raised initial capital. Worked hard to understand our clients and then worked even harder to deliver against their needs. All the while upholding the core commitments that united us in the first place: to be genuine, act honourably and keep “it” simple.

We adhere to a time-tested approach that our portfolio managers have practiced throughout their investment careers. Learn more about how we invest.