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Picture of Sydney Van Vierzen
Sydney Van Vierzen

Syd is from a one-stoplight town inexplicably named Canada’s ultimate fishing destination despite being too small to sell fishing licenses or have a tackle shop. He whiled away his teen years dreaming of taking over his uncle’s pool business. Then that dream was crushed when long-time EdgePoint holding, Pool Corp., acquired it. Syd’s a Carleton University B.Comm grad and a CFA charterholder. He previously worked at CI Signature as an infrastructure analyst and even though he met Andrew multiple times prior to joining us, because his name isn’t Warren or Charlie, Andrew has no recollection of their encounters. When he’s not trying to get on Andrew’s radar, Syd skis, cycles, reads and hones his green thumb. Now when he goes home he’s peppered with questions like: “how’s the Big Smoke?” and “are you a city-iot yet?”