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Picture of Tye Bousada
Tye Bousada

A natural-born entrepreneur and investor, Tye overcame a rough start to ultimately be a portfolio manager and founding partner of Cymbria and EdgePoint. His first foray into business was as an 11 year old, when he had the idea to sell glo sticks at the local county fair. Despite ample enthusiasm, Tye’s business acumen was as-yet fully developed and the venture completely flopped. Fortunately, a defining quality of successful people is that they don’t concede to failure. Sure enough, Tye picked up the pieces of his short life and moved on. He emerged next as a University of Western Ontario Honours Business Administration graduate with an itch to travel and a new plan: to try surfing. After six months of doing just that halfway around the world, Tye landed his first “real” job, at Procter & Gamble. Fast-forward three years and he’s a CFA charterholder working first as an analyst and later as a portfolio manager at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Tye then joined Invesco Ltd. in 1999 where he rose through the ranks to become lead manager of the flagship Trimark Fund, a position he held until his departure in 2008. The rest is history. Knowing his deep background in business undoubtedly makes it easy to understand how Tye can also be a pro at picking the right companies to invest in. If his list of achievements wasn’t long enough, Tye in his “spare time” co-founded Timbercreek Investment Management, one of Canada’s leading private real estate companies. His talents have been recognized with numerous shiny plaques and other dust collectors, and we’re not afraid to admit that he could do all of our jobs.