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Celebrating Cymbria’s 10th anniversary

November 04, 2018

Ten years ago we took action on a shared belief that the relationship of trust in our industry was broken. We believed that Canada’s wealth management industry could benefit from an investment-led company focused on making decisions in the best interests of our investors.

Looking back over the last decade, we’re pleased with what we’ve accomplished.

A portfolio of strong businesses

We’ve built a well-diversified and concentrated portfolio of businesses that represent our best ideas. We feel strongly that these companies are well positioned to grow wealth for our shareholders over the long-term.

Launch of EdgePoint Wealth Management

We are quickly approaching the 10-year anniversary of the launch of EdgePoint Wealth Management, Cymbria’s largest holding. When we started EdgePoint, we shared a belief that to be successful we should define success differently than our competitors.Right from the start, we made a commitment to:

  1. focus on long-term investment performance,

  2. develop meaningful relationships with our investment partners and

  3. build a strong culture.

Let’s review our progress against these objectives.

Our first objective was to deliver top-quartile performance over a 10-year time horizon. We chose 10 years because if we could achieve this goal it would represent a long-enough horizon that one could conclude we were, in fact, skilled investors. Although we are a couple of weeks away from November 17th, which is the 10-year anniversary of EdgePoint, as at today, our almost 10-year performance across all of our Portfolios (Series F) ranks in the top quartile relative to our peer groupi. We are very pleased with these results and will now turn our attention to the next 10-year period.

Our second objective was to develop meaningful relationships with our investment partners. By focusing on a specific subset of the advisor community and not trying to be all things to all people, we believe we have made excellent progress toward this objective. There are over 95,000 financial advisors in Canadaii and 1,256 of them represent roughly 82% of EdgePoint’s retail assetsiii. We truly believe that these advisors would say they feel “connected” to what is happening at EdgePoint.

Finally, culture is very important at EdgePoint, as we constantly strive to maintain an environment where each internal partner thinks and acts like an owner.With about 70 internal partner equity holders of our private business, we have never seen a more committed group of individuals all working passionately toward the same goals.

We are pleased with our progress towards our objectives through the first 10 years, and we look forward to approaching the next 10 years with equal commitment, dedication and passion.

We thank you for your trust. We work hard every day to be worthy of it.

We shot this video a long time ago – we may not look as young anymore – but our commitment to putting our investors’ interests first will never get old. Happy viewing!

Cymbria 10th Anniversary

i Source: Morningstar Inc. Quartiles divide data into four equal regions. Expressed in terms of rank (1, 2, 3 or 4), the quartile measure shows how well a mutual fund has performed compared to all other funds in its peer group. The top 25% of funds (or quarter) are in the first quartile, the next 25% of funds are in the second, and the next group is in the third quartile. The 25% of funds with the poorest performance are in the fourth quartile. Quartile rankings are subject to change every month. Peer groups for EdgePoint Portfolios are as follows: EdgePoint Global Growth & Income Portfolio – Global Equity Balanced; EdgePoint Global Portfolio – Global Equity; EdgePoint Canadian Growth & Income Portfolio – Canadian Equity Balanced; EdgePoint Canadian Portfolio – Canadian Equity. Series F is available to investors in a fee-based/advisory fee arrangement and excludes trailing commissions.
As at November 2, 2018Since inception (11/17/2008)5-Year3-Year1-Year
EdgePoint Global Portfolio, Series F17.49%15.56%11.59%5.61%
Quartile ranking, Series F1111
Number of funds123240 353620
EdgePoint Canadian Portfolio, Series F12.80%6.84%5.91%-9.18%
Quartile ranking, Series F1124
Number of funds45105139210
EdgePoint Global Growth & Income Portfolio, Series F14.25%12.19%9.52%5.12%
Quartile ranking, Series F1111
Number of funds80152238347
EdgePoint Canadian Growth & Income Portfolio, Series F11.34%6.75%6.07%-4.60%
Quartile ranking, Series F1114
Number of funds4783114162
ii Source: Strategic Insight.iii As at November 2nd, 2018.